Saturday, July 20, 2013

PJ'sS 2nd Birthday Party

Due to PJ and I being a bit sick on his actual birthday, we rescheduled his party. It finally took place and thankfully a handful of kids could come and the entire experience was what a kid's birthday party should be: relaxed, loud, and fun.

We started with the second cake I've ever made from scratch. This time I also made the icing from scratch. Talk about make-your-teeth-ache-sweet!

The whole Steinbach clan blowing out the candles.

PJ wasn't that impressed with the candles.

He took them out as soon as possible to get to the cake.

PJ with his cake, ready to chow down.

After the cake - and props to the Germans that managed to eat a full (small) piece of that American sweetness - more friends arrived and one of them brought water balloons! PJ only needed to be shown once what to do with them and then he was OFF.

PJ aiming for his daddy.

Zoom in and check out PJ's face: this was serious business.
Sadly, but as can be expected with three men and four boys, the balloons were gone far too quickly. But PJ learned a lesson for life....that he keeps trying to repeat.

I have no idea why this is funny but the Mr. wanted a picture.

After the balloon fight, the boys took off. I'm telling you: the more kids, the less work. They took off, climbing on things, jumping off of said things, chasing each other, and only coming around the adults for food and drink.

Boys climbing.

Boys jumping (in the background).

This is why older friends are important:
they teach you things.
Far too quickly the sun began to sink and little boys started to yawn and get a little tired-grumpy. But it was a lovely afternoon full of noise and people who like and enjoy. Win-win-win.


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starryfright said...

It's so funny, Emily was completely opposite at her second birthday. She didn't care much for the cake, but we had to re-light the candles a dozen times for her to keep blowing out. To this day she won't let me keep a candle lit anyplace. She insists on blowing it out.

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