Monday, August 5, 2013

Bassit Ball

And the second birthday continues! The last gift from the US - a basketball set - arrived about a week ago but with the awful heat, we haven't been able to convince PJ to help us put it together. But tonight was finally the night.

Thankfully the set was really easy to put together, with the exception of the net, and went quickly because as soon as PJ saw a ball, he had very, very little patience to get going playing his "bassit ball."

PJ excited about opening his gift.

PJ and papa filling the stand with water.

Me putting the net onto the rim. That was annoying.

When it was all put together, the Mr. showed PJ how to shoot a basket once and then he was off.

 PJ approaching the net for the first time.

PJ's first basket ever.

Totally fun!
He played with it for a little while; boy got moves.


Thanks 'Uncle Franny' and 'Kiwi'.


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