Thursday, August 8, 2013

Why the British Royal Pregnancy Mattered

In case you failed to hear about it, the future Queen of England was pregnant and had the future King of England a little while back. It wasn't that big of a deal in the news - just hundreds of reports from all over the world sitting around in the blistering sun right in front of a hospital for weeks on end - but it turns out that, for me at least, her pregnancy did matter.

Why, you ask, dear reader?

Because these reasonably-priced dresses exist. Not only are they really cute on a belly but they are also nursing-friendly. These dresses were around when I was pregnant with PJ but they were so not reasonably-priced. At all. And now, not only are they around and cute and nursing-friendly, but they cost less than 60euro each.

Even my sister says so.



jadamsmassmann said...

Those are awesome! You look gorgeous. (I also don't remember nice looking and reasonably priced maternity clothes a few years ago).

MrsJ said...

YES!!!! I'm a fan =] You are such a beautiful mommy of two!!! I LOVE YOU

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