Sunday, September 8, 2013

Farm Girl Hits Germany

Recently one of my closest buddies - the farm girl - and her fabulous hubby came over to visit us and Germany. We've known each other since freshman year of college, lived together for two years, and despite a 10 year separation with an ocean between us, have managed to remain close. We have one of those friendships: we might not exchange emails or talk on the phone for four (sometimes even six) months and then, when we do, its like we just hung out yesterday.

Her trip over here was like that too, except for my lovely waddle, the rambunctious toddler, and everything in German.

Considering the toddler, the waddle, and the jet lag, we actually saw quite a lot. We ate and drank a hecka lot; one of the advantages of traveling to see a pregnant lady I guess.


The day they arrived in our town's brewery with beer.

Our first visit into Heidelberg with apple struedel and wine.

There was a LOT of ice cream and sweets; one of the
advantages of travelling with a toddler.

Of course, PJ ensured he had at least one bite of each scope of ice cream.

We even did a brewery tour. The tour itself was interesting and at the end we all got what appeared to be unlimited top-ups of the local beer. PJ got a soda sort of drink, which we innocently let him enjoy...noticing only hours later that it was PACKED with caffeine. That was good fun, at least for PJ.

PJ assumed his role as tour guide.

There was also a lot of adorable picture taking. For truly adorable pictures, you must check out those made by my very talented friends (also known as Oolaa Designs). Seriously, you must check these out.

In the Heidelberg castle, doing the tourist pose above the city.

In the boat of Strasbourg, checking it all out.
And, of course, there was A LOT of toddler entertainment. For example, 15,000 turns on the carousel in Strasbourg.

And visits to the playground; turns out the kid can already do the zip line at a nearby one.


May I remind us all that this kid is just two-years-old? Oh, man, I see skydiving in the future.

But most importantly, I got to selfishly spend quality time with farm girl: a friend that shares so many experiences and memories; who has somehow always believed in me; and who (like a fabulous red wine) only gets better and better as our lives stretch through the years. I love you girl.

But, seriously, you must check out their photographs.


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Erica Lynn said...

God do I miss you guys! I'm happy to see that one of us has had the time to make a blog post :)

That face I'm making while sharing my ice cream is freaking priceless! Too bad no one can see PJ's cone, which he saved until he was done helping us finish! We obviously looked like we couldn't get the job done ourselves. Haha.

Love you guys! We'll be back soon!

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