Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Camera - WDYT?

A week ago I realized that I had somehow managed to misplace our camera. I looked everywhere with no success. So, yes, I lost our camera just weeks before I give birth to our second child.

Poor kid. Its a fact that parents take fewer pictures of their second than they did of their first...but, to not have a camera at all? It turns out one other Facebook friend did the exact same thing while expecting her second child, ad she is good people and a great mom, so at least I'm in good company.

Thank goodness for Amazon Prime, right?

After asking around and doing some research on my own, I settled on the Nikon Coolpix s3500. Sunday and last night night we played around with the camera, taking a handful of pictures. We need a simple, reliable camera. This one seems to be both.

Since babies and toddler move like crazy, I want one that also has a super fast shutter speed and can take more than one picture after the other quickly - which this camera doesn't. Or at least I can't figure out how to make it.

Any tips/tricks/suggestions out there? What do you think about the pictures? Got a tip about how to take pictures quickly, one after the other?

 Set One: Eating breakfast:

Set Two: Off to vote!

Set Three: PJ goofing around with the cardboard tub that usually holds his wooden train set:

Set Four: Jelly bean and I:


1 comment:

MrsJ said...

looking great sista!!! great pictures too! im looking forward to seeing all of your pictures from this new camera :)

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