Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our Last Pre-Jelly Bean Guests

Our very last overnight visitors before the jelly bean arrives have come and gone. We got to spend a very nice, relaxed evening with them in Heidelberg, taking in some of the touristy spots and then getting a yummy beer hall meal. Our last guests before PJ were my cousin and two of her friends who were travelling around Europe; it is fitting that this time it was a lovely family of three from my college days.

On our short walking tour, we stumbled across 3000 plastic pandas that kids could move around, arrange, and just generally use to entertain themselves. I'm pretty positive there was a deeper meaning to the pandas but I'm 38 weeks pregnant, gimme a break, okay?

PJ with the pandas. He ended up with quite a group.

Our too cute guests.

Over dinner and then a 'late' (after 8pm) conversation on the couch, I learned so much about personal training, research offices, and the town they call home in Ohio. Wish we had had more time - guess we'll have to drop by when we are in Ohio next time!


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