Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Last Minute Projects

As we get ready for jelly bean to arrive, we've been completing projects around the house. We've done so many of them that I can't quite keep track of them all - that's owning a house, I guess - but here are two of the most recent, impactful ones.

Project One: Front Yard
Remember what it looked like when we bought the place? I like to call it the "I think someone is buried in there" garden style.

Thankfully, it doesn't look like that anymore and there wasn't anyone buried in there. Thank goodness. Our very talented friend who also did the back patio put in two walkways with the same stones to add shape to the front and simplify the walk from our driveway to our front door. After that was done, we added a boundary along the front, and finally the Mr. moved a hibiscus tree from the back yard and added some winter-friendly plants.

Project Two: Wire Chaos
Since we've got a man in the house, we also have a massive TV, a surround sound system, a PlayStation3, and other stuff that requires wires. Lots of wires.

Look past the adorable little boy and notice the wire chaos, please.
The Mr. has been trying to figure out a way to organize those wires for over a year. Last week he implemented his plan, with PJ's help. 
The start of the project.

The last step of the project. PJ is in a supervisory role here.
The completed project - amazing the difference, right?

We've done so much more, including changing around PJ's room, setting up jelly bean's room, organizing and tidying up, and so much more. Gotta get pictures of all that....


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