Monday, November 25, 2013

And They Said..

...that we'd need a double stroller. Not with our creative PJ.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Parenting Two

Parenting these two beautiful children:

Sometimes feels like this:

Beyond worth it. 


Monday, November 18, 2013

Small Moments: Sleeping Babies

I rocked Jelly Bean to asleep and then I carefully laid her in her little bed downstairs. Then PJ did the same with his baby. 

Best big brother ever. Most adorable little sister ever. 


Monday, November 11, 2013

One Month Jelly Bean

Today Ms. Jelly Bean is exactly one month old. Holy jeepers; one full month.

This past month has been such a different experience than the first month with PJ. Bluntly stated: I enjoy Jelly Bean in a way that wasn't possible with PJ.

As a second-time mom, I now know that this precious, exhausting newborn phase disappears quickly and when it does, it does forever. When PJ was a newborn every challenge felt like it would never, ever end. We would always be sleep-deprived. He would always demand to be carried everywhere and all the time. He would always eat every hour. With Jelly Bean, I know that none of that is true and, therefore, I can thoroughly enjoy snuggling with her for hours every day. Hours, people, hours, and with absolutely no shame and no guilt. I Love it.

I can even get a little teary-eyed when I realize she's already outgrown a bunch of clothes, a proof that this special time is already rushing by.

Yup, outgrown.

I barely got her into this one before she outgrew it.
I also know now what type of mom I want and - more importantly? - can be. And I know how to ask for help being that mom. I also have mom friends that I can share war stories with and be greeted with understanding, encouragement, and, often, laughter. I'm also much, much better at ignoring unwanted advice, skirting undesired conversations, and doing what is right for my family.
I'm a baby-wearing, sushi-eating, natural-term nursing mommy. And so much more.
Another part of my ability to enjoy Jelly Bean is that she is just an easier baby. She cries less (that link goes to my all-time favorite blog entry about PJ as a newborn); she sleeps more; and, since I had gained experience and knowledge, establishing a nursing relationship has been much easier.

Laid-back Lady
And, lastly, and extremely importantly, I'm doing well emotionally. I am not suffering from post-partum depression this time. Even after a rough pregnancy, another induction, a horrid post-partum infection with an extended hospital stay, and the challenges of expanding our family dynamic from three people to four. It is amazing how different the newborn phase is without a dark, heavy cloud wrapped around my soul.

No PPD! Even the coffee tastes better.
Happy one month, little girl. Boy are we happy to have welcomed you into the Steinbach clan.

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