Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Tree 2013

Last weekend we finally got our Christmas tree. (my opinion)
Last weekend we already set up our Christmas tree. (the Mr.'s opinion).


Since we now have two kiddos, I insisted we make a bit of thing about it. So we all packed up in our new mini-van, named Frosty, and drove to the largest Christmas tree in the area. There we were greeted by the largest Santa Claus PJ had ever seen.

When we were finally able to entice PJ away from Santa, we started cruising through the already-cut trees. There was a pretty big selection. Thankfully, PJ was willing to help by carefully inspecting all sides of every single tree.

Finally we found our tree: not too tall, slender, and easy to decorate (and un-decorate) for toddler-sized people.

And we all cheered! Okay, Jelly Bean slept, but same thing, right?

Later that same day, the boys put the tree up nice and straight. 

Then PJ and I wrapped the "snow" around the bottom of the tree.

And then the boys cut open the netting of the tree. I'm pretty sure I didn't breathe until the Mr. put those scissors away.

And, finally, right after nap time (and thus PJ was in his adorable monster pjs), we decorated the tree.

Even little Jelly Bean helped out.

And before we knew it, our tree was up and we were all watching a Christmas movie. While Jelly Bean just looked adorable with her papa.

Happy Christmas Decorating!


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