Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Granny Traditions 2013

While my mom was here, she built upon her special and new traditions with my kiddos. The links go to earlier blogs from her time with us earlier this year as a comparison.

1. She made awesome cookies with PJ.

Making the batter

Cutting out the cookies

PJ refusing to clean up after all the fun.

2. She decorated Jelly Bean's room. Apologies to my mom and Jelly Bean. I just cannot get good pictures of this room; it is too awesome for my limited camera options. And Jelly Bean is still too young to react and enjoy the artist value here.

3. She acted silly around all over the house with both kids. One strength that my mom has is acting child-like; PJ adored it.
Amazing picture snapped while playing hide-and-seek with Granny.

I have no idea what they are doing here but it was loud and looked like a lot of fun.

4. Getting the entire Steinbach clan in front of the camera at the same time (well, almost).
PJ refused to show his face.
So we tried again, including Granny this time.


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