Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Market Fun 2013

With Aunt Kiwi and Uncle Frannie in town, we were inspired to hit a few more Christmas markets. We went to Heidelberg (of course), the one in our small town (of course), and Karlsruhe (new for us all).

Since our largest car sits five, we took the train over to Karlsruhe. It was PJ's first train trip this year and he was super excited. It also helped that my brother taught him what a "noogie" is to help pass the time:

Uncle Frannie teaching it...

...PJ learning it.

In Karlsruhe, we had to first find the Christmas market. While waiting for the street car, Aunt Kiwi and Jelly Bean got in a good cuddle.

The Karlsruhe Christmas market was nice. There were the usual stands for sausages, glühwein, trinkets, and sweets. But there was also: SANTA CLAUS! It was a surprise for us all to see him there, just sitting around, welcoming kids into his sled. PJ was excited to say hello and even let us grab a few pictures.

Both Jelly Bean and PJ's first time visiting with Santa

Then, as the sky darkened, Santa Claus came again. This time in a flying sled!

PJ was super excited. He could hardly turn away from the spectacle. Santa Claus and his sled!

And then it was already time to go home. Aunt Kiwi and I took the kids home on the train while the boys went out for a schnapps-filled adventure with the Mr's friends. Wish I had some pictures of that...


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