Friday, January 10, 2014

New Years Eve 2013

Happy (rather belated) New Year 2014!

Lets be frank, 2013 was not my year. It ended up more than wonderful with the healthy arrival of Jelly Bean into our family. But it wasn't a lovely year. I'm pretty sure that a pie chart of how I spent my time would have the three largest slices would be in order:
1. laying down (and feeling icky)
2. sitting around (and feeling icky)
3. on my knees (and puking).

So, yeah, 2013 wasn't my year.

But 2013 is over and 2014 as already started in an awesome way.

My kiddos acting silly together. These moments are too damn precious.
My brother and his soon-to-be celebrated with us. We started out watching Dinner for One, a bizarre German tradition.
Watching the movie

Snapshot of the movie
Then we enjoyed raclette together. It was both of Uncle Frannie's and Aunt Kiwi's first time eating raclette and I hope that they both enjoyed it. I did - so much that I forgot to snag a picture.

Then, since our visitors were heading into Heidelberg and PJ has started to sleep through the night, we all headed out to set off some fireworks.

Correct footwear is very important.
Unfortunately PJ grabbed onto the wrong end of a sparkler before we went outside and burnt his finger, so he wasn't really all that into the fireworks this year (a big change from the last few years). Good thing Aunt Kiwi helped make some other noises:

And the men, as usual, went a little crazy with the fireworks. Because, well, why not?

Afterwards, it was already bedtime for our little man (Jelly Bean was already asleep in her little Ergo), and Uncle and Aunt headed into Heidelberg for some adventures. Thankfully a neighbor came by and took a picture of us all.

Good looking group of good people, eh?
The Mr. and I struggled to stay away until midnight - I made him start watching Say Anything - but in the end, gave in and toasted in bed, and then went to sleep. That's what I call winning ;)


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