Saturday, February 15, 2014

Last Day Trip with Frannie and Kiwi 2013

**Failed to publish this blog post - better late than never**

Well, it happened. Our last day with Uncle Frannie and Aunt Kiwi.

Sad panda.

We didn't have enough Christmas market fun before Christmas so we hit up a local "Christmas AND New Year's" market on their last day. They had more glühwein and we ate some super yummy beerhouse food.

Okay, seriously, how good looking are these two?

While we were eating a small miracle happened: Jelly Bean slept in the carrier AND PJ slept on the booth's bank. So mommy and daddy got to eat warm food at the same time. Brilliant!

Afterwards, we hit up a new playground and PJ went nuts. He was the smallest on the playground but there was no stopping him.

While I enjoyed just sitting down.

Then PJ noticed kids playing in the trees. I've got a rule that has really served me well so far: when the kid can climb the tree (or whatever) themselves, they can be up in the tree (or whatever). But not before.

I really believed that this rule would extend the time before my kid was hanging up in trees. 

And the universe laughs at me. Wrong:

I have a kid that can climb trees. I'd say "fuck" here but that's a naughty word. An we don't say naughty words...

When we finally convinced PJ to come down out of the tree, we headed home for a last night on the couch.

My baby, part of the laptop generation. At two months.

And some adorable, sibling cuddles.

It was fabulous to host my brother and his wonderful to-be-wife. We are really looking forward to seeing them again for their wedding! And hopeful that they will come visit us again in Germany-land.


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MrsJ said...

It looks like that was such a great visit!! Go team =) i am so excited to see both of my siblings for the wedding and some cuddling of our own to be had

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