Thursday, February 13, 2014

Shaping Up 2014

I've mentioned a few times that 2013 wasn't exactly the best year I'd ever had health-wise. Thus, my goals for 2014 are mostly health related. After seven rounds of antibiotics in one year, I'm aiming for no rounds this year. After gaining (and carrying) a certain amount of weight in both pregnancies, this year I want to "sleek up" and cut down my extra jiggle. And - most importantly - after a year of feeling like crap most of the time, this year I want to feel good, strong.

Therefore, on December 17, when I was finally cleared to start working out and medicine free, I started moving again. My soon-to-be sister-in-law helped me set up a quick and simple set of strength exercises that I can do at home. As I started moving more, I also started to be more aware of what and when I was eating. On the advice of a lovely new friend, I started probiotics and fish oil and even chia seeds. I added fermented foods to my diet and really slashed back on the sugar.

I've lost some weight and - even more exciting - this past Monday after two months of training, I completed a Couch to Five Kilometer program (C25K) through Meaning I walked/jogged five kilometers! This morning I did it again and snagged a picture with my peacefully sleeping running buddy right after hearing's robotic voice proclaim "five kilometers."

I've still got a while to go but I'm enjoying the journey. Here's to health!


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