Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mice Will Play (Frozen)

The Mr. got to run away for a full night of sleep - he called it a "business" trip - and while he was away, the little mice decided to play. It started with a continuation of the model contest (the winner is no longer clear, I'd say).

After kindergarten, PJ and I made a guitar together. Little Man is still really into music and has been asking for a guitar. I'm not a huge fan of toys that make noise; cardboard, tape, and string to the rescue!

Projects are fun.
Afterwards, we made a cheese pizza; poured a glass of wine for mommy and a glass of 'kinderwein" (grapejuice) for PJ; and turned on Disney's Frozen.

PJ had already seen Frozen with Daddy in the cinema a few months before and had been talking about "Ana" and the "Ice Queen" since then. For the first few minutes, he had no idea what movie we were watching but then it suddenly clicked. He turned to me and whispered with great excitement, "Mommy, it is the ice queen."

Totally worth it.

During the movie, PJ sang and accompanied the songs. 

It was a fabulous night until all hell broke loose at bedtime. Sorry, no pictures. It ended with me sandwiched between two crying babies, both fighting sleep and kicking and smacking me randomly in various body parts as they both slowly sank into sleep eventually...cause its all gotta stay balanced, right?


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Erica Lynn said...

I could totally go for a kinder beer :)

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