Monday, April 21, 2014

Day in France 2014

I live in Germany by choice. I want to live in Germany. I like my life in Germany. 

But sometimes Germany just really pisses me off. 

And recently, that sometime was now. I usually take a break from Germany at least once a year but I realized about two months ago that I hadn't gotten a break from Germany in almost two years. Two years. 

Two years. 

And my attitude showed it. I needed a break. So we headed over to France for a day. It took us about an hour to drive over. When we got there, Jelly Bean needed to eat and get changed. PJ needed to be a little silly. 

Tilly getting a new diaper.

PJ getting his silly on.
We didn't really know much about the little town we went to, so we just walked around aimlessly. At first the place was dead. 

PJ didn't complain about having the playground to himself.

Check out the statue in the square window. Strange, right?

It did get a little boring though. So when PJ found this balcony, he raced up it and then started to sing "Let It Go!"

That baby sure does make him look even more handsome, eh?

Then the village started to wake up. The streets filled. The cafes got full. We stopped to get some food - hamburgers! - and PJ grabbed a balloon. 

Then we discovered a carousel! Who doesn't love a good carousel?

PJ with his race car and ready to hand his card over. 
While PJ was enjoying the carousel and Tilly slept in the Ergocarrier, the parents got to enjoy a little time off. 

We like time off.
The Mr. likes time off.
Okay, I really like time off.

We also really enjoyed discussing if this was on purpose or not. Thoughts?
The highlight however was PJ's response to the man who collected the tickets each time before the carousel  began. At first, he silently handed over the ticket. However as he got more comfortable, he began to respond to the man's French with "blah blah blah blah". With each turn, PJ got more confident, louder, and his accent got ever more French, "bla ble bla ble". 

It. was. fabulous. 

I'm not going to lie, it was glorious to be away from Germany for a few hours. I chose to live here and sometimes I chose to take a break. This break was lovely. 



MrsJ said...

Glad you got to take a mini vaca!

MrsJ said...

btw. Pocahontas = intentional, I'm sure

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