Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fasching 2014

Yeah, I'm not doing a great job of actually publishing adorable pictures anymore. But that's cool because the kids are adorable anyways.

Fasching (or Mardi Gras or Carnival) has already come and gone. While my family in Ohio was getting pounded with snow and ice, we enjoyed the easiest winter and earliest spring ever. That translated into outside fun during the Fasching season and also gave us all a bit more flexibility in costume choice.

It started off with a Fasching parade in the Mr's hometown village like every year (and I just realized the YEAR is wrong on the first does THAT happen?!?).

The Mr threw together a goofy customer; Jelly Bean got all dressed up as Eeyore; I went in my traditional costume (which is to say, none); and PJ was a clown. He was super excited to wear it...until it was time to wear it.
So cute, so warm!

At first he was only willing to wear the pants...

...but finally he was willing to put on the pants as well. 
Of course, there were alcoholic beverages enjoyed. And since we're in Germany and Germans aint got no shame, said alcoholic beverages may or may not have been carried in the diaper bag.

In my defense, there was water in there too.
Jelly Bean and PJ both enjoyed the parade but I'm pretty sure PJ's favorite part was the electric car one of the other kids brought along. 

Totally adorable. But please no one get any ideas. 
The following week was Fasching at PJ's kindergarten. This time he went as a fireman. I don't know which part is the best: the hat, the shirt, the hatchet, or the boots. 

Me thinks the boots.

And, finally, we wrapped up the Fasching celebrations at our little town's parade. We were pleasantly surprised to realize the parade all but goes right by our house - which makes potty training so much easier - and had over 100 different floats and groups throwing candy. It was REALLY loud.

Contrary to his face in the picture, PJ had an excellent time. 
This time he got into his costume quickly and accepted any and all accessories.

Jelly bean decided to sleep. Through all that noise. One word: precious.


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