Saturday, April 19, 2014

Running Momma Spring 2014

Shaping Up 2014 continues to move ahead!

I completed my first and then second 5km road race in April. The first was planned and took place in a small town within the limits of Mannheim. A dear friend and running partner did the race with me. She came in in less than 30 minutes - go GIRL! - and I finished in a little over 34 minutes. The weather was decent and I was proud to share the experience with my friend and my family.

Getting our numbers

Getting ready to go

PJ was sad that he couldn't run with me :(

Which made me a little sad.

The path was pretty boring; it went in one big circle through empty fields and then a short period through the little village.

First came Mama Bear...

Then a bit later, me!

The finish line - feeling proud

And feeling exhausted!

And getting a massive hug from my little man.

Afterwards we enjoyed some time off and cake. 

The second 5k race was a lovely surprise and took place in our little town...actually on my training grounds. All of the starting places for the 5k had sold out (in less than 2 days!) months ago but when the Mr. went to pick up PJ's number for the kids' 500m race, the organizers had one starting number for the 5km that someone had cancelled. Lucky lady, I am!

PJ was excited about running a race "like mommy", so we got dressed up in similar outfits. His "running shirt" is actually the top of a two piece swimming outfit. Thankfully we both have grey pants!

At home, proudly showing off our outfits

At the castle's gardens, proudly showing off our numbers
The first race was PJ's 500m; my little guy doing his first road race at the ripe age of 2.5! At first he wasn't too excited about it but after a little bit, he insisted that he do it himself, following papa's lead. (I'm pretty sure this is also the Mr's first road race ever.)

PJ and the Mr. headed to the finish line.

PJ crossing the line - check out how big those other kids are! 

And then I was up. I was so excited and proud that I could just hop right into a 5km race with just one day's notice.
At the start line... one km... kiddos waiting at the finish line... finally getting there (it was hot!).
This race was a little more interesting that the first one and there were many more people out to cheer us all on. Running around a castle garden isn't so bad either. It was pretty hot though; I was thankful for the water station! I did push myself a bit more than usual and was rewarded with a new personal record: 33:47!

Again I was proud and excited to share this experience, this time with my little boy. Together we can build healthy habits and hopefully a joy in movement and exercise. PJ was extremely proud of his medal - he even took it to his kindergarten the following week to share with his friends.

The Running Steinbachs


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