Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Temperatures Are Rising (sick)

Ugh. The past two weeks haven't been too much fun around the Steinbach clan. We've been passing around a virus from one person to the next. It started with PJ and his request to sleep while on the way home from kindergarten...cause little man isn't one to sleep.

The next day we were off to the doctors; PJ got to stay home two days with Jelly Bean and I while fighting off a light virus, or maybe just really strong allergies.

The kiddos watching Frozen together. 
Right when PJ returned to "work" (his word), Jelly Bean started showing signs of a viral infection. But she was still pretty content, slept a little bit more but nothing serious, so I stuck to more natural remedies and lots of fresh warm, bundled up tight.

A walk, all bundled up on a cooler day.

Another walk on a much warmer day this week.
Little lady feel asleep on the floor.

But then last night she started to have a rattle or a wheeze or a - man, I really need to practice descriptive language for doctors - something in her chest. She was still happy and still eating, so I decided to wait until the morning to return to the doctors. 

Jelly Bean at the doctor's office.
Turns out that my still laughing, still smiling, still easy-going little girl has a double ear infection, a 'medium' bronchitis, and a "raw" throat.

Poor, poor, poor thing. 


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