Monday, June 2, 2014

Dirty Dancing Isn't For Everyone

Its a well known fact around these parts that PJ is really into music, specifically hard-core music like Metallica. Over the past few years I've grown to enjoy (or at least deal with) his type of music. Sadly, he is not as generous.

Recently I've Had The Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing came on the radio. I instantly started dancing in the driver seat when a howl came out of the backseat, followed by "Nein! Mommy! Nope!" My heart dropped and I really thought something was hurting my beloved child in the back seat.

It was the music. He wanted me - he begged me - to change the song. He actually called that wonderful piece of musical history a "bad, bad song."

Are. You. Serious?!

When we got to a stop light, I snapped a picture of his super pouty face.

Sigh. What a critic.


1 comment:

MrsJ said...

Maybe if Aunt J and Mommy sing it little Boo will have the time of his life!

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