Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jelly Bean: 8 Months

Our little girl is now eight months old! 

Little lady already wants to walk ad somehow manages to eat a lot f meat and chunky vegetables with exactly no teeth. Not sure how it works but she's pretty happy. She's going through a tough sleep pattern, so maybe a tooth is on the horizon?

Diaper changes have become an almost Olympic disciple in flipping these days. She's flipping physically and on occasion I'm flipping out. 

As our jelly bean gets older, watching these two kiddos interact is getting even better. We were apart for one overnight and you could have thought they had been apart for weeks; they were so happy to see each other. They already play well together and when they don't, their arguments are still pretty cute (most of the time). 



Mary Craig said...

Hi Nicole, remind me and Miriam to teach you about the opera diaper change. It worked pretty well when Miriam was a squirmer. Can't wait to see you girls. M and I used to say "two girls". Now we can be "four girls" for a day.

MrsJ said...

Tomorrow will be a happy 9 months for Little Jelly Bean! Uncle J and Aunt J are SO excited to meet you!!

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