Monday, September 29, 2014

Boating Fun with Grannie and Grampie

Even before we flew off to Ohio, PJ told me that he was going to go "fishing with Grampie." He was pretty insistent about it. So weeks in advance I warned Grampie that he was going fishing. Of course, Grandpa was all about it.

Then just days before we flew, PJ threw another detail in: he was going fishing with Grampie on a boat. 

Yeah, my parents don't have a boat. So I called them again, giving them a heads-up. "I'll get it taken care of," was Grandpa's response.

And he totally did. Not only did he arrange a boat for us all but PJ also got to drive the boat. Seriously. Picture proof:

Not to be left out, Jelly Bean got into the fun. Though at this point, she was more interested in opening and closing the glove department.

Once the excitement of the boat started to settle, Grandpie pulled out another surprise: a Spider-Man fishing rod.

It was such a relaxed day. We even found time for a full family picture.

After the full of the boat slowed down, we walked over to a picnic table for a lunch. At that point, our little girl still needed help walking around. It was also the time of her picking up sticks to carry around with her.

Grandpie put together a lovely grill for hotdogs and we all dug in.

And somehow, I'm not sure how (cough: the Mr.), Jelly Bean got soaking, soaking, soaking wet. She was soooo happy.

It was a fabulous day! Thanks Grampie and Grannie!


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