Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jelly Bean: Eleven Months

My baby is 11 moths old today! Just about a week ago she finally decided that she could walk all by herself. Her first steps were at nine months and at 10 months she was walk-me-around-with-your-finger-demanding little monster. Thank goodness we have been in the US staying with my family and friends because the walking supports have been numerous and willing (especially grandpa).

She now has six teeth, has grown out of all the clothes we borrowed for her just six weeks ago, has mastered "bye bye!", and has already started conquering playgrounds. 

She walked this entire distance. No big deal. 

And- of course - she is healthy. So healthy. 

Happy 11 months little lady. 

And with hugs for all those that this day is not a joyful day, missing someone they loved and dramatically lost in 2001. And with thoughts for the rest of us that lost a treasured illusion all those years ago.

And wishing for peace for this young generation in all parts of the world. 

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