Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Super Sweetheart Back in Town

Yup, I found another blog post that I started months and month ago but didn't finish. Two kids = more adventures and much slower pace of blog posts.

Anywho...super sweetheart was back in town at the start of the summer. As usual, PJ was over the moon to spend time with her, even speaking English to her because (although she speaks English and German) she insisted. I was super happy about that one!

Her mom was working while they were in town, so I got one full day of experiencing twins. All day. God bless twin mommies 'cause...man, the kids had a BLAST...and I survived.

First we went to the local playground and the kids owned it.

Then, after an absolute fail at nap time, the kiddos played in our backyard. It was really hot so they started first as princess/superheros with blankets as costumes. Then they thankfully moved to swimming.

After swimming we sat down and read a ton of books together; completed bunches of puzzles; and built some lego towers and castles ... and just generally destroyed the house together.

And although Jelly Bean was only 7 or so month old at the time, she stayed awake all morning and all afternoon. Until I could finally trick her into sleep in the ErgoCarrier (best thing ever!!).

When she woke up more than two hours later, she was kinda upset and super confused that she'd missed even a few minutes of fun.

Super Sweetheart ran PJ so hard that I caught him drinking a liter of milk. No joke. A liter of milk.

Here's to Super Sweetheart and her mom returning soon and often!


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