Friday, January 30, 2015

Christmas Day 2014

Christmas Day - finally! Also called American Christmas in our house. Santa made it to our house:

Jelly Bean got up at her usual time. So she and I went downstairs and enjoyed some play time together while the boys slept.


PJ slept in his suit until almost 9am! Partying makes you pay at some point. ;)

But he finally got up and remembered Santa Claus was suppose to come. It took a lot of persuasion to get him out of his suit and into his sleeping clothes.

But we finally did it. And then we had to wait for papa to get into his sleeping clothes as well. So we made Christmas faces.

This is the Grinch.

This is Santa Claus.
Finally we were all ready and PJ and Jelly Bean were allowed to charge the tree.

We took it really slow opening the gifts. We took play breaks and even stopped to eat breakfast. The kids didn't mind, in fact, they seemed a little overwhelmed by the newness and excitement a few times. I can't pick which pictures to post, so here are too many.

We started with the gifts from Granny and Grandpe. Both kids loved their new kindergarten bags.

Then we opened the gifts from mommy and daddy. I made the kids superhero caps. They were a hit.

We took a play break and opened the parent gifts. Building up on my birthday gift, the Mr. got me a lovely pendant with all of our names and birthstones. I was really touched. 

And I gifted him a piece of writing.

 The kids were still happy with the gifts they had opened, so we ate some yummy breakfast.

After breakfast, we opened the gifts from Santa Claus. We had just managed to meet Santa the Friday before Christmas. Thank goodness we did! PJ had been telling us for weeks he wanted a SpiderMan but when we met Santa, he clarified: he wanted a SpiderMan costume.

Santa, that professional, really pulled through.


I'm pretty sure Santa has connections with AmazonPrime.

Our music lover, Jelly Bean, got a walkable piano. This thing is pretty fantastic.

I may have been caught a few times playing on it myself.

Afterwards, I'm pretty sure we all took a nap and then enjoyed an excellent goose dinner lovingly and excellently prepared by the Mr.
Slowly a joyful, kid-filled Christmas came to an end. I'm realizing how much more fun and inspiring Christmas is with the wonder of a child. And ribbons, of course.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Christmas Eve 2014

Christmas this year was ever more magical than last year. Per tradition, we spent Christmas eve with the Mr.'s family where glorious things were prepared in the kitchen.

You wish you could have eaten with us.
While the rest of us played and goofed.

Jelly Bean practiced her hide-and-seek skills with her brother, papa, uncle, and aunt.

Then she discovered some accessories that she insisted we wear.

So I insisted on a picture of the handsome girls.
We tried to get a picture of our handsome boys as well but...
My handsome husband.

PJ was way too busy playing with his uncle.

And leading his uncle and his sister around the house on some sort of complicated march.

Finally, after we had eaten dinner and were (impatiently) waiting to open gifts, I managed to snag a picture of my handsome fellows.

We even got a somewhat fun picture of the whole family!

Once the gift giving got going, pictures become scarce. I did manage to get this picture of my ridiculously beautiful sister-in-law.

This year PJ made star decorations for his family. Opa and Tante got necklaces. Uncle got a bowtie. And Oma got an apron so she can "stay cooking" (told you the food is good).

Then we managed to snap some of the family pictures.
Our clan with the gift of the year:
a talking Lightning McQueen.

The super handsome siblings.

The almost-entire family, just missing
my newest sister-in-law and baby-to-be.

After the food was eaten, gifts were opened, and the kitchen somewhat cleaned up, we headed over to the Mr's grandmother's house to meet up with the rest of the family.

Jelly Bean was all over the "prost"ing
with her sippy cup.

Together, we sang songs, enjoyed some beer or wine, and made another set of memories.

Jelly Bean was impressed with the singing; PJ was pretty bored.

After the singing ends, the younger generation (meaning my husband, his siblings, and all his cousins) tends to drift upstairs to play board games and drink schnapps. Most years there is also arm wrestling.

This year, however, "younger generation" meant my three-year-old, dressed in his full suit, proudly playing Looping Louie, drinking milk schnapps (just milk, I checked) while the others drank the harder stuff and showing no signs of being tried at 11:30pm.

If he can party this well at three years old, I'm pretty sure we are in for a major ride in just a few short years.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Christmas Prep

Christmas has come and gone. The memories remain. This year was our first Christmas in which both kids got into the fun.

This year, PJ was very aware of Santa Claus and decorations and gifts and cookies. His impatience was sometimes glorious to share, sometimes painful. Although the weeks flew by for the two adults, it really does take such a long time between the start of Christmas prep and the real celebrations.

I discovered the PJ really enjoys making cookies. He gets deep into it; so I tried too. Turns out that it is quite a lot of fun to make cookies if we make only one time, one tray at a time with no worries about decoration or time.

I swear he had a great time making the cookies
but was not thrilled about taking a picture.

He was so very serious about it.

Thankfully we got our tree a little later than usual, so we were able to push back the anticipation a small amount. Both kids got very into decorating and undecorating our tree both on the day we got it and throughout the Christmas season.


Thank goodness we have so many cloth and stuffed ornaments. This year we decided to go with electric lights again so that we could turn the tree on each day with no danger. The kids LOVED it.

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