Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Christmas Prep

Christmas has come and gone. The memories remain. This year was our first Christmas in which both kids got into the fun.

This year, PJ was very aware of Santa Claus and decorations and gifts and cookies. His impatience was sometimes glorious to share, sometimes painful. Although the weeks flew by for the two adults, it really does take such a long time between the start of Christmas prep and the real celebrations.

I discovered the PJ really enjoys making cookies. He gets deep into it; so I tried too. Turns out that it is quite a lot of fun to make cookies if we make only one time, one tray at a time with no worries about decoration or time.

I swear he had a great time making the cookies
but was not thrilled about taking a picture.

He was so very serious about it.

Thankfully we got our tree a little later than usual, so we were able to push back the anticipation a small amount. Both kids got very into decorating and undecorating our tree both on the day we got it and throughout the Christmas season.


Thank goodness we have so many cloth and stuffed ornaments. This year we decided to go with electric lights again so that we could turn the tree on each day with no danger. The kids LOVED it.


1 comment:

MrsJ said...

Little girl's in her little tutu!

Very cool to see that spiderman is into cookie baking!

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