Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Generations 2014

I went through all of our pictures from the 2014 trip to the US and found these un-used gems. There is no "red thread" to this one. Just moments in time that make smile.


This actually deserves a full post but hardly any of the pictures came out :( Here is PJ and Grandpe riding the tractor. It started with PJ getting to ride on Grandpe's lap in our first few days in Ohio. Naturally, it quickly progressed to PJ steering the wheel like a professional race car driver. While each ride was meant to last a few minutes, they all lasted at least half an hour.

At least.

PJ was so proud of those moments and how he got to drive a tractor. I was proud watching my stepfather be with his grandson right where his grandson wanted to be. Its a funny thing to welcome someone in your heart as an adult and then watch that piece grow and stretch over many years.
Grandpe, I'm glad we've got you.
Although I must admit that learning to steer the tractor made PJ a bit of a back-seat driver in the car. I often heard "Mommy, don't smash that tree, okay?"
Growing up I heard frequently that a mom's lap grows to include all her babies. I recall once, right after my sister was born, that my brother sat on one of my mom's legs, I sat on the other, and somehow we all three held our newborn family member across our shared laps. A mom's lap grow to fit all her babies.
Turns out that is also true of a Granny. I often discovered them like this:

Now as a mom, I know its true for me as well: my lap will always grow to hold all my babies. No matter the age or the number.


This is my Nana, my grandmother. Sadly, my only living grandparent. In many ways she is 'grandmother' like: she sews, she cooks, she orders her family around. In many other ways she goes beyond that 'grandmother' role: she was one of my earliest role models of a because-I-want-to working mother. She remains open to new experiences and opinions because 'age isn't important, life is' while building in her garnered wisdom. She is both a practicing Catholic and supporter of equality (she will now explain to me again how those two things are complimentary, not contradictory).

In short, she is someone who both inspires me and infuriates me. Often in the same hour. I'm positive (because she told me) that I do the same for her.

So, family.

She is also the template for my little girl. Check out how much these two look like each other. I must get a baby picture from my nana; the intense resemblance is both creepy and comforting.

Creepy because: Whoa. So similar.
Comforting because: The family thread continues.

On our last day together, my nana braved the drive down (no joke) to my mom's house and we managed to catch a four generations picture.

Check out that face on Jelly Bean. I saw that one frequently from both my nana and my mom, starting very early and lasting until this very day. It reads, "Just what are you doing?"

See? The thread continues.


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