Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Granny's Birthday 2014

Another delayed posting from summer.

Late August is my mom's birthday. This year she got to celebrate it with her husband, two daughters, our (crazy enough to marry into our family) husbands, and both grandkids. Her son also gave her a birthday phone call. Guess which part she was most excited about.

Yup...these two:

While I did enjoy sharing my kiddos with my mom on her birthday, I must admit my sister's gift to her was MY favorite part of the day: 

I really wanted to take fourths (yes, I ate three servings) but Jelly Bean wouldn't give me hers. Sigh.

Afterwards we sat around and made fun of me. Or at least that's how I remember it.


1 comment:

MrsJ said...

Yay! Eggs benedict is delicious! ! You were in Lots of pain and on lots of meds :/ I don't think we made fun of you unless that was after I left! I do tend to miss all the fun though ;)

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