Friday, January 16, 2015

Jelly Bean Enters DayCare

When we got back from our trip to the USA, our little lady entered day care for the first time. We are familiar and quite satisfied with this one since PJ was a member of this group for a year. We looked forward to Jelly Bean joining the group and it went better than any of us expected.

Since I was already back at work, the Mr took over the process of integrated Jelly Bean into her new group. Over here in Germany, they take transitions very seriously. The first few days, the parent and the new child stay in the group for about one hour together. The next weeks, the parent *maybe* leaves the room shortly. And four to six weeks later, the child is totally integrated into the group.

In Jelly Bean's case, it took about four weeks. These days, she is a critical member of the group and she loves going. Just check out these pictures and you'll see why she loves it so much.

First there is an awesome climbing area in the main room.

And great care providers and little friends.

Tables and chairs her own size.

And super yummy foods.

Super yummy foods.

It was strange not to be a part of this big moment of transition for my little lady. Yet, it also felt good to know this guy was running the show. Cause, honestly, this man is taking modern parenting to the next show. Check out this hottie:

That's the Jelly Bean on the Mr's back, PJ with a batman umbrella, two kindergarten bags with healthy foods inside of them, and a stroller for when PJ got too tired or bored to walk.


1 comment:

MrsJ said...

:) she is such an outgoing lady! Don't tell my mr. That all guys don't do as much as your Mr. !

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