Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mommy's Birthday 2014

I had my birthday! This year I was trusted (PJ stressed that word to me) blow out my own candles. I guess this year I finally became a big girl.

I also recieved a lovely silver chain from my husband, a bag of chocolate from my daughter,

and a self-drawn picture of Lightening McQueen from my son.

They know me so well.

When I first moved to Germany, I didn't quite understand this cultural obsession with birthdays. There are so many rules:
  • One must NEVER wish another person "Happy Birthday" before their actual birthday day.
  • One may NOT wait until after their day is done either.
  • Should one see a birthday boy or girl on their special day, one MUST shake their hand or give them a hug and declare "Happy Birthday!" before anything else. Even if you are about to pee your pants - take that moment to greet the birthday kid. Trust me. Better to pee your pants than delay the birthday greeting. That wisdom was learned the hard way.
  • Should one not see the birthday boy or girl on their day, Facebook will do, text message is better, and a call is the best.
Yet, now, over 30, married, mother, I've come to treasure having a day that celebrates little old me just for being me. There is something important, something supportive about taking a day to remember that we are all people and that life is worth celebrating, savoring.


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