Sunday, January 25, 2015

St. Nick Day 2014

Growing up my mom celebrated St. Nicolas Day with us. It was slightly strange in our greater community but I sure didn't complain about extra chocolate and little gifts. Now, living in Germany, the whole country celebrates.

PJ got really into it this year, even insisting on wearing the Santa outfit that I got out for Matilda. He wore this for the first time in 2011.

My long and lean boy squeezes
into 6-9 month costumes.

The morning of, we all discovered how good we had been when we were all greeted by full stockings.

Jelly Bean instantly found her chocolate and then ignored the rest of the stuffers.

Priorities. Chocolate.
PJ, however, really dug in with great excitement. He discovered chocolate and Lightening McQueen socks. He jumped up and down, yelling with joy. That. Was. Awesome.

He instantly had to put them on his feet, while Jelly Bean remained fully focused on the chocolate.



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