Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving - my favorite holiday!

This year I got to host again. I love hosting Thanksgiving; it feels like an honor.

We spent two days getting all the shopping lists and the shopping itself done. On the day of, everything was going great until I tried to slice my finger in half. Thankfully, my dear friend the surgical nurse was already in my kitchen. I got to spend the next two days with this fabulous accessory.

I look brave here but panic and tears were involved.

As a child I remember my nana chasing me out of her kitchen on family holidays. I never understood what her problem was, I just wanted a spoonful. Well, this year, I learned just how challenging it can be to cook while little beggers are hanging around.

Two of my beggers.
Thankfully somebody came up with the idea of entertaining the kids with costumes. Suddenly we had a SpiderMan and a Buzz Lightyear fighting off 'Bad Guys' in our living room.

PJ and the Watcher
Of course, they had support from Mommy's Little Turkey.

As well as another SpiderMan.
 Needless to say, we were totally Bad Guy free rather quickly.
Bad Guys beware!
And, yes, we permit jumping on our couch. Because we both loved it as children and childhood is too short for us to prioritize our dirty couch above that freedom of catching some air.

As more guests arrived, we got down to the eating. Though, it took quite a lot of convincing to get the kids to the table and wasn't always successful. We tried a kids table, which lasted about 7.5 minutes.

Professor Lambert Jr. was ready to play.

And Jelly Bean acted like a slinky:
up, down, up, down, repeat, repeat, repeat

While Bad Guys were eradicated from our living room again (who knew we had so many!), the adult shared in the traditional round of giving thanks and oh-so-scrumptious food. And wine. The wine was superb this year!


And another feast came to an end. Can't wait for next year!

A huge thanks to the Mr. who took all of these pictures without me thinking of it or realizing he was doing it until I downloaded them. Thank you, honey.


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MrsJ said...

=] Great pictures!!! Your posture is amazing.

Huzzah for triumph over the bad guys!

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