Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Worst Part of our US Trip 2014

Another delayed post from summer - maybe even the last.

While I loved our trip and our extended time in the US, there was definitely a Worst Part. Since we visited Detroit, the Cincinnati area, the Dayton area, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and the Cleveland area, and well as a few others locations....we spent a good chunk of time in the car.

As in: I started to calculate the time but even four months later I started to feel panicked about the numbers I was starting to reach...and had to stop. Yeah, that many hours.

Certain members of the family had strong feelings about those hours at some point:

PJ's face says quite a lot. 

I'd like to believe my finger does as well.

Anyone else not feel hours in the car? Anyone out there want to teach me (us?) how to love those hours instead?


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