Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My First Whole 30

This week I finished my first Whole 30. It was generally a good experience considering I was really freaking sick the entire time. 

I learned a lot more about food and cooking. I also learned how to spend more time thinking about, preparing, and enjoying the fuel of my body. 

Isn't it sort of strange how rarely we thing - really consider - how we fuel the only body we have for our entire lives? 

Some of my yummy fuel wins:

I lost a few pounds and a few inches and the composition of my body changed some. This would have been greater I think had I been able to work out and exercise instead of laying around sick. I fit a lot of my pre-kid clothing. The most exciting is definitely my wedding dress!

Although I was sick, my skin has gotten better, my sleep slightly so, and generally I have less bloat and inflammation. 

The funny thing is that doing the Whole 30 when I did was a bit of a double sword. Since I was eating so well and removing the known and potential irritants, I missed just how sick I was. That's a blog for another day. The road was bumpy but the results are good. 

The last official day of my Whole 30 was also St Patrick's Day. Paddy's Day is a big deal around here and we made our traditional trek to the Irish pub. There I enjoyed a few sips of an well poured Guinness. 

Then today I had my first coffee with REAL full-fat milk. It was glorious. 

So far I haven't had a reaction to the milk reintroduction. Fingers crossed! Long story, short: Whole 30 was worth it. I suggest giving a shot if you are struggling with bloat or digestive issues or just want to learn more about your relationship with food. 


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