Friday, March 20, 2015

Paddy's Day 2015

St. Patrick's Day is a big deal around here. Each year we go to the Heidelberg Irish pub for some fish and chips, well-poured Guinness, and live music. This year Granny is here with us. We started with a short trip to the super-fancy playground in Heidelberg.

And ice cream, of course. Granny played with the kids while I took an important business meeting. It isn't always easy to balance of family and work with the added joy of time differences. Thankfully we've got tons of support.

Then we met up with Papa and hit the pub. We all made ourselves comfortable right away.

Jelly Bean owned the place, charming everyone and dancing along with all the music, live and recorded.

Granny enjoyed the atmosphere as well. She also really dug into the wonderful fish and chips with extra vinegar and ketchup.

Jelly Bean was all over the french fries and ketchup.

Of course the handsome Mr. enjoyed the Guinness. Me too for the record!

I really enjoyed the Guinness.

Jelly Bean enjoyed goofy around with Granny. Loudly. Hilariously. Too fun.

Our precious PJ was also there. I promise. He loved the french fries, the ketchup, the music, and the fun green outfits. He just refused to be a part of the picture fun. 


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