Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sleep. Glorious, Glorious Sleep.

Sleep. Oh, glorious, glorious sleep. As the kids get older this topic (or the lack of this topic!) gets less uber-present in our parenting but it sure does remain our constant friend-enemy. 

We, the parents, celebrate sleep like we once celebrated an excellent dance track. 

And our beloved kids still haven't quite figured out how glorious sleep really could be. But we are getting there. 

And I have proof:

PJ goofing around that he doesn't need to go upstairs into a bed to sleep. He'll do just fine in this plastic box, downstairs. Oh and could you just go ahead and flip on Mickey Mouse? 

Frequently we still start each morning with four Steinbachs in one bed. See those few centimeters on each side of our sleeping beauties (and aren't they just beautiful?!)?

Not sure how but the Mr and I occasionally find we really can sleep in that space alone. 

Listening to my mentor moms and my own heart tells me that as our kids grow and stop stealing our sleeping space (by choosing to sleep alone in their own rooms) we are going to look back on this time with no regrets. 

While Jelly Bean has always had the knack to knock out when and where she needs, PJ is starting to do that too. With adorable results. 

Of course little man all cuddled on his little bed, under his handmade quilt, and snuggled against his dolphin is pillow is equally adorable. 

Sleep. Glorious, glorious sleep. Amiright?


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Jelly Bean Meets Zip

Our little lady enjoyed her first zip line ride today! 

Don't worry: papa was there. 

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