Friday, May 29, 2015

Lego Love

This week is another round of school holiday and I'm on duty. It has been a stressful year for the Steinbachs, so we have consciously chosen not to take a trip or plan activities each day. Instead, the kids and I have been crafting and relaxing, taking walks and long naps, spending unplanned time with friends. 

With all this extra time the kids have also upped their Lego skills. Both really enjoy playing with Duplo Legos. PJ builds and creates and Jelly Bean tends to sort, store, and applaud her big brothers creators, when she isn't trying to destroy them. 

With extra time and space, PJ has started to build Legos that "show" (represent) objects and people are him. I won't go into the psychology of what he and how he chooses, the shapes, the colors, the description - we are taking it easy around here - instead I'll brag about how cool his creations have become. 

This is me as a Star Wars ship. He also took the picture. 

This is his "biggest treasure" Jelly Bean as a Lego "masterwork" (his descriptions).

That's Bean on the right storing the good Legos into her Minnie Mouse bag.

It doesn't always feel right to cut down, reduce, simplify, go slower, do less, say no, get bored. Until the choice is done and the boredom sets in. Then these things happen: creativity, sleep, laughter, memories. 

I'll just say it for you: I look good as a Star Wars ship, don't you think? 


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