Tuesday, September 1, 2015

LegoLand Adventures

Recently PJ and I took an adventure day to LegoLand with Super S and her mom. I had never heard of LegoLand before having my little guy. Turns out it is awesome. Smaller than Disney. Cheaper than Disney. Closer than Disney. Less crowded than Disney.

The drive down was longer than expected due to traffic. The kids were adorable, just like siblings. They loved on each other and they fought with each other the entire time. And not just during the drive, if you know what I mean.

Right at the entrance, there is an entire area built with real Legos. Here is a replica of the Munich airport. The planes moved. The lights flashed.

There were also models of Hamberg, Rome, Berlin, etc etc. I was too impressed to take many pictures. And since I was rushing after a very excited four year old, most of them are blurred. I did manage to catch him from time to time.

We cleverly decided to ride the train as our first ride. We got a good overview of the park and the kids got even more excited.

Yet, even after the train ride and arming ourselves with maps, we still managed to get a little turned around. The kids responded right along the typical gender stereotypes: PJ studied the map while Super S looked around and asked everyone where to go.

Not going to lie, the two mommies had a good laugh about that one.

Check out that rainbow. That thing is made a Legos! Crazy, right?

At lunch time, Super S and PJ played tag. Super S is super fast, PJ ended up being the one running most of the time.

After a few bouts, he got so tired, he needed a cuddle. Heaven! He still fits into my lap, mostly, and these moments don't happen often enough anymore. I enjoyed it.

When we got our move on, we discovered a super nifty playground with all sorts of creatures - including PJ's favorite animal - made (again) out of Legos and with water built into numerous elements.

For me the absolute best part was how my little man really relaxed and enjoyed a wonderful day. We don't get to see PJ this way too often. When I snapped this first picture and realized I had captured my little man happy, relaxed, confident, I teared up. With happiness.

On the little train.

In the canoe ride.

On the safari trip.

On a mechanical horse.

Our last ride was a water based pirate ship. Each boat was armed with eight water canons. We were soaked just from waiting in line and getting 'shot' by the passing pirate ships. When we got onto the ride, we discovered the canons were a little too high for the kids to reach, so the two mommies got to really shoot the canons with a little "help". 

We all laughed so hard. And got sopping, sopping wet. 

By then, a long day was coming slowly to an end. We wandered back towards the Lego cities to make sure we got in a visit to this guy:

And this ship:

And, of course!!, this guy:

Mommy and PJ shared a geek-out moment.

Thankfully, the kids were exhausted and it started to rain right when it was time to head home. The ride back was uneventful and quiet.

We will definitely get back to LegoLand again soon!


PS. No worries about the Mr. and Bean. They had their own ice cream and fun ride adventure at home.

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