Thursday, September 17, 2015

What Love Sometimes Looks Like

Without going into unnecessary detail, 2015 has been rocky. Health has been a real treat (on a side note, I read that sarcasm is a sign of high-intelligence. My intelligence in 2015 has sky rocketed.) The topic of being a working mother has been even more difficult than I imagined in 2013. In fact, when I read my blogs about being a working mom in Germany, I'm actually somewhat amused at how innocent I was; how I thought I'd 'really' experienced the crushing judgement and loneliness of being a career-interested woman with children in Germany...and I hadn't even gotten past the tippy-top of the iceberg.

But I digress. We've had to all take time to heal-up, strengthen-up, step outside the norm, be true to ourselves. Do stuff we wouldn't usually do or ever want to do because that's what a family member needs.

Stuff like watch BBC's Pride & Prejudice with the one and only true Mr. Darcy while holding your wife's hand and not complaining out loud.

Sometimes that is what love looks like. 


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