Saturday, November 28, 2015

Now for Something Entirely New

And now for something entirely new: the Steinbach Clan is moving to Denver, Colorado at the start of May.


Based on the questions we’ve gotten in real life, it seems like these are some of the most popular questions:
We are all going.
I’m moving with my job.
The Mr. will be with the kids at the start to help the transition, afterwards he will be working. Or boarding.
Both kids are American. No additional paperwork needed.
We applied for the Mr's green card and expect to have it in the next few weeks.

The Mr. sending away one of many sets of documents for his green card.
My brother, his wife, two aunts, two uncles, and three cousins live in the greater Denver area.
Brother, beautiful and hilarious wife, and Ike
Germany has been great for a long time; this decision was a very difficult one to make; this has been a multi-year long process.
We are going to miss our German family a lot.
We are very excited and very nervous about the move.

We don't smoke pot and didn’t chose Colorado because weed is legal. 

I’ve been there a number of times; the rest of the clan hasn’t yet. 
Yes, I’m freaked out by the gun violence and have already joined the Colorado chapter of Moms Demand Action.
We are going to miss our friends, including those from Eritrea.
I will somehow continue to be active in the global refugee crisis.
We are not going to get a Mustang; a Dodge 4-door truck; or a dog. There may be a free-for-all on cotton candy and Reese's Pieces.

These are exciting times! What questions did I miss?



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