Sunday, January 31, 2016

Exploring Denver

A few weeks ago I traveled over to our soon-to-be home, Denver, Colorado. I was there to explore the city; learn about the school systems; discover the mountains; and get to know the style of life. The trip was definitely worth it; I left excited, overwhelmed, and happy that we are diving into a new adventure.

I landed to this. That is a blue sky, a rare sight in Germany.


I spent the week with my brother and my sister-in-law. Both were incredibly generous with their home, their groceries, and their contacts. My sister-in-law was also remarkably generous with her project management & crazy-lady management skills. She kept me on time and focused on what was really important and that wasn't always an easy task.

Together we drove around the city; drank a staggering range of craft beers; and laughed. There was a lot of laughter.

Even my sister flew in for less than two days. Together we drove up into the mountains and explored. The Mr. is a certified snowboard instructor and may want to work up in the mountains...or just play in we had to confirm the commute.

Its a pretty fabulous commute with incredible views. Around Breckenridge we got out and walked around. The kids are going to love it. 


My sister-in-law cooked a number of great meals, including fabulous crab legs. We all ate too many of them. It was worth it.

I also got to see the rest of the family that live in Colorado. Together we ate excellent Mexican and drank fabulous wine & beer.

In a wonderful twist of fate, a friend that has also lived in our small German town now lives just north of Denver. We met up and she introduce me to an awesome tea place in Boulder.


Throughout the week, we slowly shopped and then ordered a bedroom set for the kids. Did I mention how generous my brother and sister-in-law are? They've set aside a complete room for our kids. Our kids are really looking forward to their new bunk beds, fancy covers, & resting chairs.

Meanwhile, back in Germany, the kids were doing surprisingly well. The one exception was a phone call when little Jelly Bean held the phone to her ear, walked from room to room in our home, and then sadly stated, "mommy nicht find you."

Otherwise, PJ enjoyed his first sleep over with his long-time buddy Super Soph. He also stepped up his drawing and coloring game.

Sadly, oh so sadly, the Mr. was corrupting our poor, poor children in my absence. Poor, poor kiddos. (Video below)


Thankfully I had these views to comfort me.

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