Monday, February 15, 2016

Trapped in NYC

This year I traveled to NYC for work. While there some exciting events took place. For example, I got to see the Knicks live from Masison Square Gardens. They won.

My personal highlight was the private bathroom and unlimited bottles of room temperature water. That was darn fabulous.

See, I was there! My second highlight was taking an absurd number of selfies of me at Madison Square Gardens and sending them to my sports-crazy brother. That was far too enjoyable for me.
Secondly, I got stuck in the snowstorm of the century. Thankfully a dear colleague had great pity on me and put me up with her lovely husband and adore daughter for the weekend. Boy did it snow!
I was still super sad that I had to wait another day to see my kiddos.

When I found out that I could finally fly out, I was amazed to see that the snowdrifts were almost as high as the moving containers!

I ended up spending almost 10 hours in the airport. At first, I was one of the few people there because my flight was one of the first scheduled to take off. I ate like a Mexican queen.

Then my flight got delayed by two hours. Then 45 minutes. Then another 45 minutes. Then I got a Guiness.

And started to make friends with other stranded travelers. Then - as food ran really low - I got some Reese's peanut butter cups.

The people I ended up spending a number of hours with, and laughing hard with along the way, were from Blackpool England. A father-son couple traveling that also got to enjoy the snow storm were excellent guys with some outrageous stories. 

We bonded. 

  Like, really. 

Then I finally made it home to my dearest dearest dearest babies. 

And, of course, my Mr. 

Colorado here we come (in another two months)! 


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