Friday, April 29, 2016

Last Day in Germany

Today is our last full day living in Germany. It feels strange how long it took to get to this day and how quickly time has flown by to bring us to today.

Yes, there was a project plan.
At the start of the month, the Mr. was promoted to Chief Steinbach Officer.

I had my last day of work before relocation vacation started. And got seriously jipped in the chocolate department. I really thought that was going to be full of chocolate.

Then the serious business started: really sorting, really packing, really giving away.

Then two weeks ago, the moving company came for those things that we will move to Denver.

It left our home so forlorn.

Thankfully in the same week, we signed for an apartment in Denver.

Then last week we emptied the home we created and handed it over to a growing family. Matilda had her last day at the day care. We invaded Oma & Opa's home. We all had our last play dates with dear friends. These aren't the only ones; I haven't been perfect at grabbing pictures of dear people and places.

PJ and his best friend Lisa (also leaving Germany)

PJ and his kindness buddy

We even said goodbye to Uncle & Aunt since they are both on vacation this week out of Germany.

And today we pack up everything that we will take on the plane tomorrow. Already tomorrow. 



1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Moving is so hard. It's amazing how quickly it comes. I hope you settle into Denver quickly and easily and it's a great adventure.

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