Sunday, April 10, 2016

Surprise for Papa

Part of our move is a lot of goodbyes. The Mr. recently said goodbye to the company he had worked at for 13 years (ever since I moved to Germany!). He got a huge promotion to Chief Steinbach Officer.
He is now organizing our move & our day-to-day. One week in and he is showing great promise. He has one staff member that has a particularly hard time listening. Any guesses who?

In the time of great transition, his friends managed to surprise the man who always figures out all surprises with a goodbye football (the real one, not the American one) game & night out drinking.

I drove him to this location and he really had no idea where we were going and why. In fact, he got a little annoyed that I didn't really know where we were going and seemed to be directly us towards a closed (and demolished) swimming pool.

Then he was super stoked, "I would have expected almost anything but THIS."

It was difficult to get the kids to leave; there was so much to climb! So much to explore.

I bribed them.  We got Burger King.

Good surprises for us all !


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