Who is Pickles and Onions?

You've joined us! Welcome!

Pickle: The Mrs. I'm an American, living and working in Germany. I've been living here since 2003 - never in a million years thought I'd still be here - and it has been the best, most rewarding adventure.

Onion: The Mr. 100% German - all things football (soccer), sausage, and beer - and still can't believe he married a blogger.

PJ (maybe a pickle, maybe an onion): Our half-German, half-American, 100% energetic son, born in summer 2011.

Jelly Bean (maybe a pickle, maybe an onion but right now a milk-drinking expert): Our half-German, half-American, relaxed daughter, born in fall 2013.

These days when I'm not chasing around my little ones; goofying around with my husband; or pounding the keyboard at work, you can usually find me reading, writing, or (if I'm really, really lucky) catching up on sleep.

Sleep, ah, glorious, glorious sleep.

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