Monday, May 24, 2010

London's calling

And we totally answered.

In summary, London = great food, great night-life, great clothes, great public transport. Saturday we walked and walked and walked and walked seeing just about everything on four very tired feet. Sunday we took one of those fabulous double-decker buses for tourists and rode around learning about all the things that we had seen the day before.

Where the decisions are made, some good, some bad but all of them surrounded by absolute beauty. Houses of Parliament.

Some decisions have pissed off some people, particularly those around the war. Since England is a democracy, they have actually permitted a permanent protest to take place across the houses of parliament. I found that really incredible; the Mr. was less impressed.

Another wonderful aspect of London – real multi-cultural culture. This is a picture towards Brick Lane where the great, great, great Indian restaurants were located as well as a Mosque, a church-based school, and a Japanese video store.

We’ll be moving in soon; the Queen was looking for entertaining, fabulous roommates. We were just willing to sacrifice for Buckingham Palace.

A very typical English dinner: a plate of fish and chips and another plate of curry.

Although the city is huge and has far too many people in it, it also has some beautiful inner-city parks.

All in all we had an excellent time together in the great city that is London.
More photos on Snapfish.


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