Sunday, June 27, 2010

Home Improvement

The confession of the day is that I am rather good at starting projects around the house, but not quite fabulous at finishing them. The Mr. loves this about me. Deeply. So, when I suggested that I was ready to start another new project - to build shelves in the bathroom for our towel chaos - he mentioned that we might consider finishing a few of the unfinished projects already in the house. In fact, he may have refused to permit any further new projects until some unfinished projects were, well, finished.

The lesson of the day is never stand in between a woman and her solution for the towel chaos. This week and particularly this weekend was used to finish enough projects so that I can start a new project. Devilish girl I am.

Due to the sheer amount of projects completed, here's an overview with pictures!

Blue to white
I repainted the blue wall in the kitchen that we never liked when I painted it 2 years ago. It looks wonderful in white and project completed!

Hang and Rehang
About two years ago I had two paintings framed. Since then they have been floating around various parts of the house, waiting for a repainted kitchen wall. With a white wall, we got around to hanging and rehanging paintings throughout the house. I doubt this part was much fun for the Mr., since he kept being told "a little to the right, no the left, not too far. wait, back to the right"?  Na ja, projects completed and it looks beautiful!

Reclaim the Fresh Air
Our fabulous new balcony table arrived earlier in the week. We put it together and then the Mr. carried the horrible, horrible old table down a few flights of stairs. And I finally hung up the wind sock my 'rents gave me about five years ago. Which means three more projects completed and our balcony is fabulous!

Summary: SIX projects completed. Photographic proof below. I'll be posting pictures of my bathroom shelves soon.

*devilish chuckle*

Our new white kitchen. The two framed pictures were in other areas of the house or just laying around.

Some more newly hung art work. The painting is from my mom; the poem is from my aunt and was part of our wedding ceremony.

A picture of the Mr. carrying the horrible old table down the flights of stairs.

The wind sock

Our new balcony with our fabulous table.

And for those of you that might be feeling bad for the Mr. - I mean he was rather hounded all week in my pursuit of finishing projects to get my bathroom shelves - he did get a very nice beer as soon as he came up the stairs. God bless him.


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Erica Lynn said...

Rob would tell you that I have the very same problem :) The place looks wonderful!

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