Monday, August 23, 2010

Little Precious and Clever Mommy

We recently had visitors for a weekend: Little Precious and her parents. The family came up to celebrate a wedding and we were lucky enough to welcome them into our home. Technically the entire family were all equally our guests, but, really, who doesn’t totally fall in love with a one year old little girl with a sweet smile who kisses knees in the morning? No parents can ever compete with that.

Unfortunately I was too enchanted by Little Precious to take pictures. So I only get to share this singular, rather unflattering picture. Little Precious loves eggs and this is a bad image of her trying to suck each and every last morsel out of the egg shell. Her mommy had already tricked her into eating and enjoying all sorts of things – bread, fruit, sausage, etc – from the egg shell. Somehow being a mom must make you super clever.



brandon said...

That is really super smart!

Anonymous said...

Next time I'm crawling on your floor after too much beer, I'll donate some knee kisses for you(just to compete with Emma ;-)

PS: Thanks again for your hospitality! CU soon in JUGENHEIM ;-)

Anonymous said...

I should try to feed Daddy Schnaps from an eggshell next time ;)

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