Tuesday, December 28, 2010

O The Weather Outside is Frightful

…but the fire is so delightful.

Christmas 2010, our last Christmas before the clan expands, was one to remember. True to the traditions of the Mr.’s family, it started on Christmas Eve with the traditional family dinner of pork, sauerkraut, and whipped potatoes. Then we gathered in his parent’s darkened living room to light the Christmas tree and exchange gifts.

I got super warm, knitted socks; so did the Mr.

Afterwards we walked through the falling snow to the Mr’s maternal grandmother’s house to sing some songs, tell some stories, and eat some more food. It was also our first chance to share the news that we are pregnant with the Mr’s entire extended family. They were happily surprised and very supportive.

Per tradition, we finally got home around 2am. The next day, Christmas Day, I celebrated American Christmas with a gift from a friend and then read The Gift of the Magi. When the rest of the group finally woke up (all a little groggy from the evening festivities before), we realized it had snowed almost a meter overnight.

We all bundled up and slooooowly drove over through the snow to the Mr’s paternal grandmother’s house for another traditional meal of goose, knödel, red cabbage, and gravy.

We exchanged more gifts, chatted a bit, and then almost fell asleep as a combined group.

In the evening Mr’s maternal family came around to his parents home for some more food, story telling, and laughter.

Sadly, I slipped into sleep before everyone arrived but I woke up very refreshed the next morning for more snow!

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday days with family, friends, and yummy food! Thanks for sharing this year with us!


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