Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some Sorta, Kinda, Maybe New News

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Life in the Steinbach Clan has been a little different recently. For example, the active “lets go do something!” me has been spending a lot of time on the couch. As in, I’ve been on the couch so much that my back, butt, and left hip started to hurt.

And I’m been waving to the Mr. as he closes the door behind him to go out on the weekends – that is if I’m even still awake.

I’ve also been rekindling a special relationship with the porcelain god that got me through some tough moments during college and, particularly, my first few years in Germany. I thought we had grown apart, but thankfully he has been a real friend recently.

And it hasn’t all been normal for the Mr. either. He has been spending a good amount of time hiking up and down three flights of stairs for all sorts of chores like taking the trash out almost every day*, carrying up and down anything even remotely heavy, and random stops at the grocery store.

Particularly the grocery store has been the Mr.’s new haunt. For a guy who isn’t really one for spontaneous shopping trips to pick up a handful of things – grocery fairy or not – he has showed a surprising aptitude for it.

Our savings account has also taken a hit as the Mr. insists that I “get some new clothes” already. I just can’t help it – with all the different, I’m getting a little bit rounder. But we suppose it will all be worth when the Steinbach clan expands in summer 2011.

*hey, it stunk. Really.
G-funk: finally got a picture of our apartment in there for ya


Mom said...

You really do have a rounded belly! I am loving it and it looks like Dom does to.

Pickles and Onions said...

did hell just freeze over?! my mom read my blog!!! YEAH!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it and love that your Mom is now reading your blog.

robert said...


robert said... clarify, that was regarding the bun, not the offerings to the porcelain gods :P

Pickles and Onions said...

thanks Roberts! We're thrilled too and I don't miss the god at all

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